Integrated 1700V SiC MOSFET for auxiliary power supply solutions

AC/DC converter BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ

Online seminar date: Tuesday, 4th May, 11am CEST


Auxiliary power supply is an essential and vital part of industrial inverters to deliver a different levels of DC voltages for gate drivers and for control units. A proper selection of AC/DC devices will save design time, development & production cost and will reduce system complexity. ROHM’s BM2SC12xFP2 power ICs are the quasi-resonant(QR) AC/DC converters with integrated 1700V SiC MOSFET which are the right fit and best-in-class products for industrial auxiliary power supply solutions in terms of shortening design time, simplifying the circuitry and reducing additional components by offering integrated solutions.

Join our online seminar and learn how ROHM’s BM2SC12xFP2 power ICs and BM2SC123FP2 evaluation board will benefit you by offering the following key features:

  • Simplified auxiliary power supply design using integrated 1700V SiC MOSFET with quasi-resonant (QR) controllers
  • Advantages of quasi-resonant(QR) controller over pulse width modulation (PWM) controller
  • Highly efficient evaluation board for up to 50W output power
  • Less bill of materials (BOM) and gaining shortened design time using BM2SC12xFP2 power ICs

Rony Karim:

Rony Karim, Application Marketing Manager at ROHM Semiconductor GmbH, responsible for Factory Automation and Drives. He is an experienced power electronics engineer and held various engineering, sales & marketing positions in the Semiconductor industry.

Presenting department:

Application and Technical Solution Center (ATSC) at ROHM Semiconductor GmbH

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